A/W 15 Runway

A/W 15 Runway


Boho Caravan has a lot of indigenous carpet-inspired prints. Special prints like the ‘midnight jungle print’, ‘cyclone world print’, ‘ray in the dark’ and

‘forest beauty’, that have all been developed in-house, can be prominently spotted in the shirts, dresses and capes. The application of traditional ‘aari’

(towel) embroidery, machine thread embroidery and machine appliqué techniques on a variety of menswear fabric like tweeds, suede and felt,

peppered with crepe, velvet, chiffon, cotton lace and soft cashmere, shape the entire Boho Caravan collection. Our modern Boho woman, who is an

out-and-out globetrotter, oozes effortless femininity in the ensembles.